Thursday, June 05, 2014

To Robe and beyond.... SE of SA

We needed to get away and have a little holiday while in South Australia, having done Kangaroo Island last time, we decided to venture a little further southward, and went to stay in Robe. A surfing and fishing town about 4 hours drive south of Adelaide central. It is a beautiful place, empty at this time of year, but gets crazy busy at Easter and Christmas time.
You have to stop at a bakery when travelling in Australia for a pie and a can of ginger beer. This is at a Meningie on the banks of Lake Alexandrina
An interesting thing how the sides of a lake can be dry and barron!
There were plenty of Correlas about though.
As you keep cruising southwards about half an hour before Robe you reach Kingston SE, and the famous big crayfish (lobster).
It is pretty darned cool. Always gets me excited, and hungry.
Robe was found first by a Frenchman Nicolas Baudin (right) who also met the English explorer Matthew Flinders (left) in Encounter Bay
Nothing else for it, but on a hot day other than to sit in the beer garden of the Caledonian Inn and have a Coopers Pale Ale a must for a local lad.
Or a foreign princess
Robe is famous for its beaches
including long beach, 12km of unspoiled beach almost always empty
apart from these blokes
And these jellyfish
and some seaweed.

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