Friday, May 30, 2014


What do you get when you have a Kiwi chef and an Irish owner of a restaurant/bar/expat rugby watching location in Warsaw? Well, you get Haka bar of course.

It has classics from NZ like sausage rolls as well as Australian food like kangaroo steaks and pavlovas. You can get Prosecco on tap, but I prefer the guiness.

It is a nice place, especially when there is sun. There is a Venturilo (city bike) stand 5m away and it is near Chmielna street if you feel like a pączki later. Haka is on Bracka 20 in the centre of town, so there is no real excuse to miss it.... unless you aren't cool of course.....

Tempure prawns

Octopus salad

The Australian pavlova ;)
A pretty decent little location to sit down, drink a few ales or sparkling beverages and watch the world go by.

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