Monday, May 19, 2014

A Christmas tale.

Back in time, and it is Christmas. This past Christmas was a great time, as it was so warm I was actually able to run! Running at Christmas time is not something I ever expected I could do in Poland, but this year it was above 0C temperatures and running in the fresh morning air was a great way to burn off all the excesses of the festive season. Here are some glimpses of the Christmas that was.

A ridiculously beautiful gingerbread cake waiting for the plum jam filling.

D'oh! I mean dough. Pierogi dough.

Just the right texture.

roll it out, cut the circles
And repeat

fill and fold

and repeat

many times

then boil away, and the Christmas treat is ready. These are cabbage and mushroom filled.


so temperate was the weather that even some Autumnal leaves had hung around

"blazing" sun

The moles were even still awake

happy, it must be dinner time
Set the table with the traditional 12 dishes.

A line from history

but we aren't all happy.

Until the presents are unwrapped
This years gingerbread house took on a dried fruit facade.
There was some chocolate, but there was also lots of Coconut too!

Now the smiles are out.

Everyone loves a party to destroy a house! :D


JL said...

Marvellous Christmas that! Liking the picture of the bridge in B&W, amazing the difference the angle and the colour makes to that picture. Nice work with the Perogi as well, when are you opening up a restaurant over there?!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Champ! With our success of house buying aka nil. We probably should just invest our money into a restaurant! We continually talk about opening a business.... but nothing has gotten any traction yet. Although I did get a cheese making kit for my birthday..... Chevre anyone?