Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Chleb Hruby i sery z Grzybowa

A few weekends ago we took the chance to visit Chleb Hruby i sery z Grzybowa, with some friends who have known the owners Ewa the Educator and Peter the Baker, Cheesemaker and Stork Saver for some time.

The business is a small multifunction farm which works in a really inspiring way. Peter is from Switzerland but moved to Poland many years ago and started farming here. When moved to his current site the magic started to happen and he became more entwined with the local community. Now he employs locals to help him in the bakery, cheesery and to teach school children about the environment and their business.

Now they are baking some great rye breads along with making their delicious goats, goats and cows, and plain cows milk cheeses. If you can't get out to Grzybów then you can buy their bread all over Warsaw like here. Or go along to the Biobazar on Wednesdays to get your fill of both bread and cheese. I would suggest you won't be disappointed.

The recently saved stork.

Into the cheesery

Peter discussing the processes.

A freshly made cheese

The aging rack.

Moulds not molds.

Cheese weights

Really beautiful packaging.

My favourite, the goat's cheese

The area was once Prussian so it has a history of German influence, and this is a restored piece given to them by locals.

The old cheese cellar.

The Swedish WWOOF boys taking the goats out to pasture.

Gratuitous cat shot

A converted barn?

The mill

How can you not love goats?!

Then it came to buying some cheese.

Time to get that delicious goaty goodness home.
Special thanks to Kit and Marcin for driving us poor carless folk to the rural Mazowsze region to experience this wonderful place, and also thanks to Ewa and Peter for looking after us with breakfast and teaching us about the world that is cheese, goats and bread.


Lois Britton said...

Hi Garth, as a food blogger, I'm very jealous of this cheese outing! I'd like to invite you to join our facebook group, Expat Bloggers - Europe. https://www.facebook.com/groups/263001027196474/

All the best!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Lois. I consider it a pleasure to be asked. Thank you.

Joy said...

Mmm...I love cheese! Very jealous! And I love the goats too! :-)I often go to the BioBazar on Wednesdays. Would be great to meet up in person someday! And I'll have to look for this cheese.

Gee Em said...

Sounds a great idea Joy. :D