Thursday, August 21, 2014

Very Good "Good Coffee"

In a little non-descript part of Tarchomin there lies a black, black secret.

It is the home of Good Coffee, a small coffee roaster ran by a man passionate about getting the best out of the best. Wojciech has been roasting coffee for over 10 years and goes to great lengths to bring good quality coffee to the people of Poland. He samples regularly and elimates those coffees which aren't traceable and that are not up to his standards.

I admit it, I am quite a coffee snob, in that I would rather not drink coffee at all if it is bad. I have left many cups of bad coffee in cafes, restaurants and hotels all over the world. Rather than try to force myself to drink something that I just don't like. We have tried many roasters in Warsaw and found the best consistency and quality here at Good Coffee. This is why I approached Wojciech to see if it would be possible to observe him roast and maybe help him out a little. He was nice enough to agree, so I can bring you these pictures.

Maintaining the right temperature is very important during the roasting phase.

Bags of green beans

Gas offers the best control of temperature.

Green beans awaiting their holiday to a warmer climate

And the finished product cooling down.

The mini roaster for smaller orders

Sometimes it is the ugly ones that make us happy. Like these Congo third or fourth grade beans. They are hard to come by, aren't pretty, or considered of great quality but boy they taste great.

If you are a coffee fanatic like me, and want to try fresh, well sourced/roasted/prepared coffee beans, then Good Coffee is the place to go. There is a great variety and the opportunity to try something different every order. Even if you don't live in Warsaw, many of the companies clients are all over Poland.
 Thanks Wojciech for showing me the ropes and letting me cup some fabulous coffees.


Joy said...

Hey Garth, love these photos! I love the smell and taste of coffee. Besides ordering online at Good Coffee, does he sell his coffee elsewhere in Warsaw? At one of the markets perhaps?

Gee Em said...

Hey Joy, no he doesn't (not yet). As he roasts to order to ensure you get the right roast for your needs and that it is the freshest it can be. :) If you don't tell him how you are planning to use it he normally will call you and ask how you process it (stove top, machine, aeropress etc) so that he can roast it correctly for the conditions.