Sunday, September 27, 2015

Warszawa PZU Maraton. The last marathon of the year.

So, being injured for 8 weeks means that I couldn't train to run the last race I had planned for the year, so now I will need to plan something else..... Instead I was able to take some photos and run the last 5km with a friend doing his first marathon. Even just pacing someone makes you feel part of the marathon, I love the energy and the support around the track is amazing.

A decent 10km time for most people, and there is a bunch of lads who have done 15km and have another 27km to run. Scary

It was a bit cold for this guy, needed gloves and beanie!

The first pacer group

looking content

The first of our WITC runners, well done Mark

Running has great colours now, and women's tights have the best patterns!

I have heard bananas are good for cramps....

get him Alan! Eat him before he beats you to the finish line

Plus an extra WITC member

high 10? 10 to go? Either way she was cruising.
I love how photos can tell you the joy of something, or not.

Someone spotted me, go Dan go!
It is nice when the runners clap the supporters back. :D

I am not sure the choice of rabbits is the best. Maybe the road runner would have been better

The MORT! girls getting in some kms before the interclub challenge

there are no limits to exercise, none.

The Batman villian, "The Scribbler"

International and bright.

This guy always makes me feel over dressed.

gravity vs hair, who will win
maybe there is too much wind here....

The WITC trio cruising

I love how photos of people running can sometimes make it look like they are salsa dancing

Gary "Jazz Hands" C.

I'd love to know the stat on "fives" given today

For some the challenge of a simple marathon really isn't enough, but how does he get a drink and a banana?

He isn't having a heart attack, but reaching for a low five.


Batman utility belts are always popular, though I am not sure Aviators are fun to run in.

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