Monday, October 05, 2015

Buda and/or Pest

Budapest, wow. What a different city to what I had thought. It is an interesting city, not named after an annoying overweight deity but after the two sides of the blue Danube. The city reminds me a great deal of Prague, needing some love, but still filled with grandeur. I could see the apartments are high ceilinged and luxurious in dimensions, not quite like here in Warsaw, but that is due to a much different history.

The streets flow nicely, there are lots of little parks that pop up and the zloty actually goes a little further there than in most of Europe.... maybe we should make it back there again some day. Soon.

Here are some snaps from the first day.

Late nights dinner on the first evening after arriving late.

Strolling down the Danube on a pleasant but warming morning.

Lots of cute cafes popping up

old and new

The grand theatre is certainly worth a visit, it has the luxuries of a bygone era.

Inside it just tried to bedazzle you.

The river by day is beautiful.

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