Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 The Best Colour Photographs of the Year.

It is that time of the year again! The best photos of the past year (by me).

The concept is easy:
Just write in the comments which of the photos you like (refer to number or name). 
Vote for as many as you like and feel free to say what you think about them.

I have run this competition for the past six years. Should you want to check out the previous editions:

This year, it was really hard to narrow it down to the final 25. 
The original selection for colour was 67 photos - from the huge volume of approximately 3,000 I have taken during the year, but sometimes you have to make hard decisions. If you have friends you want to share this with, just give them the link. There is a black & white photo section as well, and don't forget a random voter will be selected for a prize as well.

1. Winter Flights.  Śródmieście, Warsaw.
2. Ghost Crossing. Śródmieście, Warsaw. 
3. Travel Trails. Cadiz, Spain.
4. Round the Light. Faro De Chipiona, Spain.
5. The Rock. Gibraltar, Spain.
6. Nature and Danger. Medina, Spain.
7. Tower of Smoke. Ronda, Spain. 
8. Wild Hill of Flowers. Sentinel, Spain.
9. Wet Wonder. Sokółka, Podlasie.
10. Pralnia of Powiśle. Powiśle, Warsaw.
11. Red Night Snakes. Powiśle, Warsaw.
12. Runny Love. Śródmieście, Warsaw.
13. Colourful Strutting. Śródmieście, Warsaw.
14. Field of Royal Flowers. Łazienki, Warsaw.
15. Zissou Sleeps. Wisła, Warsaw.
16. Homegrown Love. Powiśle, Warsaw.
17. Reflections on the Week. Powiśle, Warsaw.
18. Depth of Bridge. Budapest, Hungary.
19. Metro Blue. Budapest, Hungary.
20. Budapest Beauty. Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary. 
21. Deco Curves. Budapest, Hungary.
22. Trails from Statues. Budapest, Hungary
23. Lampdalier. National Hungarian Opera House. Budapest, Hungary.
24. Merely a Kat. Warsaw Zoo, Praga, Warsaw.
25. Thumbnail and PKiN. Śródmieście, Warsaw.


Keith Seidel said...

Whilst I am drawn more to your black and whites because the mono tones emphasize your sense of light and composition I can still vote for a couple of these as hitting the mark for me. Both 17 and 18 show a strong eye coupled with good camera technique, which I always admire.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Keith! The winners have been announced now.