Monday, December 07, 2015

Cadiz town

The pretty town of Cadiz in South Western Andalucia is the destination today, alas, it is only in a photographic sense. Going through some old photos from much, much earlier this year I found I still hadn't posted everything from Spain! Wow, that was 7 months ago... lazy. So, here is Cadiz the open minded and open streeted town the oldest continually inhabited city in Spain. Christopher Columbus sailed from here on his second and fourth voyages to explore the world, and has been a maritime favourite of the Spanish navy, merchants and invaders since. Enjoy.

I love catching people who look like they are posing, but actually aren't.
The market in Cadiz is great for fresh food, especially seafood.
I guess they are the same family as mussels and oysters.....

Not edible, but pretty

wild asparagus

Boquerones some of my favourite things.

most people come for a paper cone of these little shrimps cooked fresh and really lovely, although a little salty by the time you get to the end of the cone. 

the end of the road here... or is it?

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