Thursday, September 29, 2016

Historical Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse was the home of Archimedes and history is rich and runs deep. There is an archaeological park which is UNESCO listed (along with the entire city of Syracuse) and really fun to walk around, although there are/were plenty of big group of tourists, so makes it hard to enjoy the enormity of it all sometimes, as you feel you are being pushed along. But, fight the urge to be swept along and enjoy taking your time around the site, it is really a nice thing. In summer they also use the amphitheatre for concerts so you can feel like a Greek or Roman enjoying a cultural event, but maybe don't throw fruit and veg if you aren't happy with the performance.

No matter what you think of human history, nature will always eventually take over.
Concession stand and poster advertising for up coming events, I swear that is what it is.

When the tourists clear out, it gets more etherial 

Orecchio di Dionisio ("Ear of Dionysius") a cave built by slaves, it is 23m high and 65m deep
The "Inner Ear" 

A couple of birds having a drink in the sun.
Sicily in Spring is such a great experience, there are wild flowers everywhere.

and everywhere

and everywhere

Sicilian flag first of course.

The man and his mirror to burn boats with a parabolic reflector.

street cat. It was so small, but the meow echoed throughout the hallway.
One of the great reasons to go to Sicily (or anywhere in Italy) is the wine. Regional wine in Sicily is great! Nero D'Avola one of our favourites.
Then the night comes, the last one in Sicily, always a great place to visit. We'll be back.

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