Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Lago Iseo.

We arrived in Iseo, the biggest town on Lake Iseo on the last day of something very special.

It was a large art installation by Christo. Christo has done many projects before, you can see them here. One even in Australia about 40 years ago. This one was called the Floating Piers, where he connected one large and one small island to the shore. The floating piers were all covered in an orange material and so were the paths around the lake. It must have been a massive undertaking, but the happiness it created was probably worth the expense, all paid for by the artist himself. All of the materials were to go on to be used in different projects within the community, so things didn't go to waste.

Walking along the piers was a weird experience and after doing it for around an hour and a half, or so, and about 5km it really started to work your hips over a fair bit. So, I'll just let the pictures tell you the story.

There it is, down in the corner. By the last day they had had a million visitors to this small quiet region, great for the local economy.

The dark bits are tourists.

And here we go.

The man with the large grey bouffant and white shirt is Christo waving to the crowds as they enjoyed the last evening. 

You have to love a surprise pizza, no?

And down comes the sun.

Everyone was having a laugh
and a little video of the folks and scenes.

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