Sunday, October 08, 2017

Brescia markets and beyond

Ahhhh Brescia, you were a choice on a whim to get away from large cities, a place we thought maybe we'd find something nice. We didn't find something nice, we found many things nice. I can whole heartedly recommend it. These are from last years trip to Northern Italy, I just never got around to kick starting the blog again after it.

I am sure this speaks volumes today about many governments and their officials.
It might have been made in Art Deco fashion but the Brescia Post Office is a place of beauty today.
Let's face it, it is well established that I enjoy food, and even more so market food. Let us combine that with the awesomeness of Italy and you get one of the greatest reasons to holiday.

This is the Brescia City Library.

The Brescia city library has some of the oldest book collections in Italy. It is free to visit and lovely on a hot day.
simply, Brescia is brilliant.
Even now looking back on these photos I forgot how beautiful our trip last year was to Brescia. This is also with me now realising I have somehow lost a whole days photographs! Sometimes, I do miss film..... Seriously, as a place that is really easy to get to, and not "on the tourist map" Brescia is great. More to come from here.

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