Monday, October 23, 2017

Brescia Museum.

An amazing place is the Santa Giulia City Museum it is based in an old convent originally founded in 753AD. Honestly, there are so many photos here, I won't say much with the exception that the Brescia Museum is like the entire town of Brescia underrated and something well worth the effort. Please enjoy the photos.

When making the museum they actually found an old Roman domus in the area and there were these beautiful mosaic floors.

I am a massive fan of etchings, I wish I had some, and people would come up to my house to see them. That and the details are amazing.

Frutti di Mare anyone?

Italian chickens look different.

a little evil

The ridiculously good Antonio Rasio in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his foods of the season. Worth the entrance price just to stare at these for half an hour.

It appears I've run out of time already!

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