Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia.

Bruny Island, it is an island, off an island, off an island continent. It has also been one of my dreams for many years to go there. It is a place where I have dreamt of living, even though I had never visited it. I even wrote a "short" story about a family living there, without having any idea if the information in the 72 pages of my dribble was accurate. So, on the last trip to Tasmania we decided to hit the shores of the little island full of glee and vigour. We jumped on the ferry at Kettering to see if our dreams were going to come true.....

The island has somehow become a mecca to people wanting to explore Tasmania and its produce. There are oysters, wines, berries, cherries, whiskey, chocolates and beer. One of the most popular places is Bruny Island Cheese and Beer Co.
They make raw milk cheese!

Look at these youngsters aging away.

Some delightful honey. Leatherwood is just amazing and a real taste of the southern bush.

We were lucky enough to grab the last cheese board of the day.

The following morn, we were up early to explore. This is at the Cape Bruny lighthouse.

Some crazily beautiful views in this area, and another lighthouse ticked off our list of the million to see.

A shrubbery.

The roads are really this beautiful, you actually don't want to drive fast so that you can enjoy them.

The neck is a thin piece of land that joins North and South Bruny.

It has beaches on each side and a memorial to Truganini, who was considered to be the last full blood aboriginal from Tasmania. 

The neck's classic view.

It is hard to get time here without others around.

Even penguins come and visit.

The beach at Adventure Bay is amazingly beautiful with gum trees right up to the beach itself. I also have to recommend the Bligh Museum, it is just a quintessential Australian country town museum. I adored it. 

A curious local.

We went to the island's winery, and of course we had cider instead of wine.... logic never defies me.

Part of the coastal walkway at Cloudy Bay.

More of the walk.

Our fabulous airbandb hosts put together on this magnificent Bruny Island cheese platter. Luckily I had been for a run each morning there.

The sun sets to the west at Lunawanna with great beauty, like much of the island.

It was hard to leave this beautiful place, but alas, we had to. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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