Monday, February 05, 2018

Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia.

Yes, I know this blog in theory is about Warsaw, and Poland. But, I have a lot of photos taken from trips over the last few years that I have not done anything with and therefore I decided to share them here. Basically this is somewhat of a diary and that is why I am trying to add everything to here that I feel is important.

These are taking on our most recent trip to Australia, we took a holiday within a holiday to Tasmania, a place I used to live. I spent time showing my wife some of the things I know, and also experiencing with her lots of things I didn't know.

Freycinet, is a really beautiful part of Tasmania's East coast. It is based on a bay in beautiful natural surroundings.
You can search rock pools, or lounge on a beach.

Arthropod life.

Is that fresh sushi?
It appears I found crabs... hermit crabs.

I couldn't tell which one was cuter.
Barnacles above the tide. I always find tidal environments so fascinating. From the UK, Spain and Australia of recent times they have all been different yet similar.

Some are so happy that they are cartwheeling about.

The next morning after arriving we wanted to really head into some "nature", and followed a well beaten path. Even though the sun was out, the sky was clear (some of the cleanest air in the world) it we still a frosty 13C.

The difference between sun and shade was a reasonable temperature.

The path was well made as well as being well beaten.
When you reach the crest of the hills you get to look down on Wineglass Bay, one of Tasmania's most famous views, landmarks and tourism locations. We only saw about 10 people on the hike on the way back to the car.

Yeah, it is that pretty.

The saddle seat. Architecture in the wild.

Then you burst through the trees to see a sparkling empty beach.

Just amazingly empty and amazingly beautiful.

Even though the water is straight up from the Antarctic I couldn't resist getting my shoes off and putting my feet in.

The beach is a gorgeous course sand, a perfect peeling for tired feet.
We continue our collections.

Not far from Wineglass Bay is the Cape Tourville Lighthouse and look out. A really well constructed location and super beautiful views.


Joy said...

Hey, I didn't know you had lived in Tassie! Cool! And we did almost the exact same hike in Freycinet as you. ;) What an amazing place. We stayed just two nights nearby and I wished we could have stayed longer. Great photos too!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Joy, yeah I lived there a long, long time ago. It is a beautiful part of the world, even if "refreshingly" cool in summer. ;) We only had 5 days in Tassie this holiday which is no where near enough.