Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Filtry in Stara Ochota.

Sunny Ochota, Sunny Ochota, Sunny Ochota, Sunny Ochota, Sunny Ochota
A couple of weeks ago we went off on a sunny day to stroll about Stara Ochota (meaning old Ochota and it is pronounced Sta-rah O'hot-a). It is slightly South of the Warsaw Town Centre, and is the area where the documents were signed for the commencement of the Warsaw Uprising in WWII, when the Germans occupied the city.

Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa, Filtrowa

The area has some nice re-fashioned old buildings and also the Filtry which are the water filters for the city, these create a great quiet environment for an inner city location, and it is therefore a place we would love to move to if possible..... but we will see what happens. The area (at this time of year) is green and lush and we found a very important discovery here. The best coffee to be had in Warsaw (as far as I have found). It is at a cafe funnily enough called Filtry! If you can read Polish, then you can go to, if not, you just have to believe me.
For anyone in NZ who reads this, it reminds me of Jackster's that I used to eat at and inhale their coffee, when working in Auckland. It has home made foods and really great coffee. It is the style of coffee shop that you can find all over Adelaide and in some places in NZ, but rarely in Warsaw. It has an outdoor eating/drinking area which is nicely decked, next to some newly planted grass and the inside is pretty funky too. All of this in an area that you wouldn't necessarily expect, as it is a pretty bland building, just off a busy street. As you can see above, a bit of a grey and blah building, but the cafe make big lattes and nice snacks. So it is a win win for the people in the building I am sure!

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