Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More B & W

A few more little pictures to pop up before our big 4 day weekend in Sokolka. These photos are the first lot that I have prepared here in Poland, so I am still getting a feel for where I should do this and which company is the best. I am still on the look out for great processors of B&W film. If any of my students reading this have any ideas then please post them here! It would be greatly appreciated. Also if you know any professional photographers that I can hang out with and learn from, that would also be fantastic!

The first lot are actually taken back home before I came to Poland.

This is all my photos I got back after my travels around Croatia, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and the UK. It was a great sight to have in front of me and the photos were of an excellent quality (of processing not necessarily of the photo that was taken!) Thanks to the team at Atkins Technicolour in Kent Town, Adelaide.
I like this photo which is of the bird netting over my fathers fruit trees in Australia. It is a little like looking at one of the dot photos where a dolphin comes out if you stare at them long enough! Don't you think?

This is the net up close one one of the tree trunks of the apple trees. A bit like drift netting for leaves! :) I was unaware that Bart Simpson lived at my fathers house! However, this proof seems irrefutable!

Now we move to Warsaw, Poland and the warm warm weather I arrived to!

This is Lazienki Park, you may remember that I took some photos here more recently (and in colour) of Marta, Magda and little Zusa. This photo was taken on one of the warmest days we had for a month, or so, in March. The clear skies enabled some crisp and clean lines produced by a very fresh almost warming sun! It proved a popular location for the many grannies and children (which when all rugged up look like Tele-tubbies) running around the place.

One of the statues in the Royal Baths Park aka Lazienki I still don't know why the hands are separated..... more research to be done here.

The missing link?

Look out!!! Behind you!!! It is a crazy fish!!! I think she has been frozen with fear!

Some of the railings around the park provide a lovely complex accompanying shadow.

Ok, now off the the North East, to see what we can do with the world that once belonged to the Tartars.

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