Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poland in black and white.

These are a few of the images I have captured over the last few months since I was here in Poland. They are in my favourite format of Black and White from film. The scanning isn't quite what I had hoped for in quality wise, but I am still exploring the environment around here to see which are the best and worst of processors.

Boxes found at Hala Mirowska out in the market courtyard.

The front of Hala Mirowska Markets.Some Wonky Windows that are to be seen at the corner of Swietokrzyska and Mazowiecka in the Centre of Warsaw

A reminder of the Jewish Ghetto and its boundaries, these markers can be found all around its boundaries in Warsaw just northwest of the Old Town through to Wola and south to the mid town area.
Some shiney domes off Swietokrzyska.

Even bollards need to sleep sometime.Some old glassware at the Kolo Markets.
Polish friends getting together. I think they are just hugging.... right?

Hope you liked them, should be some more floating about somewhere in the next post or two.


Bruce said...

Nice work G - particularly the water window mural... nailing the development of B&W is oh so hard, search well for the right shop or scan yourself... also v hard to process in B&W from digital capture if you want to do it properly... Did I ever point you towards this gallery before?


Some he's pushed too far, but 'Cephas' (the third one) is right on... exactly the same theory used there as for getting great punchy B&Ws out of film...

Garth said...

Thank you Mr Webber. Yes it is certianly hard to find someone to do it right. With this group I had to take the scans back to get them to repeat as they were so bad. But this round wasn't so off kilter either. Hope all is well.

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