Monday, May 25, 2009

More meat and greet

So after a couple of weeks of sickness, snot and sleep for the house on Makolagwy Street, we decided to run out into the night to try and forget.

We went to Svejk Restaurant (, it is a great place and full of hustle and/or bustle. On Friday night it was bursting at the seams and we were waiting for a table in the non-smoking section (yes smoking is still legal in eating establishments here).

Once in and seated we had a great seat, in the sense that it was between the kitchen, the bar and the stairs to the bottom floor, and we could watch lots of different food and drinks passing by. This made us super hungry, and so after seeing another massive plate of meat go past, we knew we had to have something crazy. So we ordered the Svejk platter, which is insane (please see photo above). The platter was huge as was the beers (photo also attached below). So we had a great meal and I didn't even have room in my sweet corner, aka dessert pocket, of my continually expanding belly. That is indeed quite a feat!

Also attached is a photo of a great little trout that Miss Marta made me as a surprise dinner one evening when I was a little sick. It was amazing as she was able to make trout taste nice, something not everyone can do! Otherwise it has just been the end of snot and coughing hopefully on the way to a great week and weekend. Come on sunshine!

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