Sunday, May 10, 2009

Off Topic

Well sometimes in life you just need to say something.....

Last night I had the chance to watch the Oscar nominated movie the Wrestler. I was all excited thinking "Wow this must be a great movie", due to the press and the fact that it was nominated for so many awards. Not only the big hoooolywood ones but in Venice and other places too which tend to favour quality more so over budget etc. So we sat down ready to enjoy a story of an old Wrestler struggling with life in tights outside of the ring.

To be honest, this movie just sucked. I have seen some sucky movies in the past, but when it comes to wrist slitting action this was certainly higher than anything I have seen in a very long time. The life of the main character in the movie appears to reflect that of Mickey Rourkes'. It comes to the a head with the saying "Once a loser, always a loser". The most apt quote from the movie was "I'm an old broken down piece of meat", if you were to change broken down to rancid you could interpret the stench of this movie.

Within 30 minutes of the start of the movie it was obvious what would happen. Sometimes knowing the ending is good, however this wasn't anything to be excited by. It was more painful than slowly removing a band aid from your inner thigh that has been there for a month. I don't think I have ever wanted to see someone die so early in a movie, as I did with Rourke. Alas it takes until the end for this to happen.

To make it more enjoyable they should have shown in the movie should his early professional life. Allowing the v iewer to see him at his peak, not cheapening it with paper clippings and adverts for fights, I did however like the Nintendo game. If they barely paid for music, Rourke did it for free and they only took 35 Days to shoot it how on earth did they spend the $US6million?! Maybe this is what it cost to get Marisa Tomei's boobs done. Which overall was probably the highlight of the movie, in a way that I didn't actually expect to see her naked, I thought they would just show her from behind or similar, to keep her dignity. Then again maybe she lost that by doing "My Cousin Vinny"...... Overall the acting was about as deep as the water in a dog bowl, and it has the same effect on you. In the sense that, were you to drink the dog water you would feel sick like you should remove your stomach of any contents.

Anyway, to cease this rant. I recommend, if you are going to get this on DVD or go to the movies, instead you should by a lottery ticket, when you win a lot of money on this ticket, you should then burn it in front of your own eyes. This will indicate the amount of pain you would feel if you wasted the 109 minutes you would have otherwise lost in life to the Wrestler!

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