Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photoshoot in the Park

The sunshine has been out and about for a while in Polandia and this has inspired many people to take their cameras out on the weekends when they tour the parks and festivals, that includes me.

So this weekend we decided to go to the Lazienki, pron Wa-shen-key, Park which is the largest park in Warsaw. It is hugely popular with the general public, girls and boys flirting, kiddies diving into icecreams, grannies stretching their old bones, and knobs like me with a camera pointing at every squirrel and pretty flower abound.

Marta had taken me into this park before, but last time it was surrounded by little mounds of snow and grannies wearing furs. Where as these days, there is flesh everywhere and even grass. Alas, many if not all the grassed areas are protected from pedestrian walking.... which is a shame. That said, we may have accidentally walked into some areas to play :) We did get told off, once, but it just gave us something to talk about for the rest of the day.

We were also lucky enough to be joined by Magda and the princess, that is Zuza. Also attached. I found a great model in the park, and luckily enough, this model wanted their picture to be taken by me. As well as the fact that normally I don't really think red-heads are attractive (apologies to all gingers). So I have a photo of my best model here, certainly very cute, as I have been told by many.

That evening we drifted into town for something to feed our normally swollen bellies and found ourselves at the Kompania Piwna Podwale (, where I was lucky enough to try to consume a full 1.2 kg's of Golonka. Alas, I couldn't, but they were kind enough to give me a doggy box!! No, I don't mean bag, it was a box. They have a really nice traditional menu and it is a great place to while away the hours when the twilight kicks in, especially in the beer garden where we were. Though it is more a beer courtyard than a garden! Now with even more swollen bellies and walking like last trimester pregnant women, we waddled our way down to our favourite coffee shop (Pozegnanie z Afryka, meaning Farewell to Africa), and played some backgammon. Then, as the twilight was fully upon us, we staggered outside in our confused state, between coffee and full bellies, our bodies were very confused as to how to act. So we didn't feel too bad as we were alert, but still unable to run or move at speed. We strolled the Nowy Swiat and enjoyed watching the glammed up people on their way out, the tourists on their way in, the students sweating and beer-soaked as there was a festival on at the university, and the grannies (who seem to be ever present in Poland) drifting along frowning at all in sundry. We stood at the Copernicus statue and listened to a saxophonist kill the art of music.

Ahhhh fast and hard times in Warsaw.

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