Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it the swine flu?

Well once again I was to be sick! I don't think I have ever been this sick before, I am positive it has something to do with public transport system and my massive usage of it. All I need now is to wear a mask, gloves and spray disinfectant on all the coughing and sneezing grannies! :)

So I am thinking that what do you do when you are sick in Poland. The answer of course is to bake gingerbread biscuits! Either that or a jigsaw! Which is killing me! Darned Machu Picchu who ever would have thought that you are this complex! But, thanks to Marta for the birthday present... if there is anyone who wants to come around and finish it..... please email! :)

So after even having to take a morning off work, I have recovered only to be a very pleasant boyfriend and to give Marta the present of sickness, and people think I am not considerate! So I have been the house maid looking after her (basically it was just a great excuse to make chicken soup and buy comfort food).

To all people suffering a flu whether it be swine, bird, gingerbread or Spanish I hope you get well soon. Try baking, it worked for me!


em em em said...

I think it would be much easier to put the gingerbits together to form a sensible picture than the alleged Macchu Pichu jigsaw. I think it is a scam, an unforgivable error on the part of the factory which blurted out a set of mismatched bits, which they just won't acknowledge in public.

Magdalena said...

And I think you need your Stempieniek to give you a hand :) after all she's a jigsaw specialist self-appointed but still a specialist :D

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