Sunday, October 04, 2009

Recently..... in Krakow.....a young lady......

So it has again been a few weeks between posts. Reason being we have been to Krakow with an Aussie friend (Simon) and also had him and another Aussie (Jason) pop into Warsaw for a few days of sightseeing and funnily enough, good weather.

So when it comes to Krakow, I really like it there, especially the fact that there is a medieval square right in the middle of town,,_Krak%C3%B3w. Of course this is popular with tourists, but also locals as well. This first post about Krakow is basically going to be some glimpses of people and even parts of people from the Town Square. The advantage of being in a tourist focused location and having a telephoto lens allows you to take photos of people without being too obvious. Thus combining two of my favourite past times. People watching and photography. Oh, to be a sociologist photographer.

Also sorry to the ladies looking for hot boys, I tend for some strange reason to focus on women, children and old people. I do also have a strange fascination with women's feet/shoes. Maybe because I spend so much time with Marty in shoe stores...... just kidding. Only every second weekend.
I thought I should start with a part that is well notable and this is the statue known as the Adam Mickiewicz Monument.
Someone here looks impressed with the break dancing crew that I didn't get a photograph of.I love this little guy. He seems to be enjoying himself so much!Here is one for the ladies, Mr Mullet! This one is party at the back, front and sides!
This move is known as the Reverse Bundy (re: Al Bundy from Married with Children).
I thought it was nice that these two decided to have their red jacket day.

Everyone loves a giggle.
It wasn't just me snapping away.
Ha Ha I got away with taking a photo and don't they look happy.....
Until the ladies, I think, realised I was there to take a photo, about now.
This is a sweet tradition in Poland. That when you wait for someone, you give them flowers, boy to girl, or girl to girl. But not boy to boy, they are still a little homophobic. I blame the Pope.
Granny about town, hey, we all love grannies!
It is the old man races! Look at them go.No I am getting lower, heading to the legs department, she must be cold to be so purple.
Now down to the foot coverings, or maybe it is the elevator factor here.
It looks like the man is about to kick her!Check out the shoes on this beauty! She had some great legs too!
Sometimes a long lens can even be hidden up close to get shots of earrings and the like.
Yes this guy is about to grab his man bits, and in about 3 seconds she does too! They were certainly ummmm friendly in public.
A great time to take crowd shots is when there is something public. This was a breakdance crew, don't you just love that kid in the corner?!

Oh yeah, in Krakow, there are weddings everywhere. From Friday to Monday, we saw them all over the place.
I swear he pushed her over before helping her up in front of mum and dad.
Nothing like Sunday morning papers.
And here I was thinking Mimes were hatched from eggs with faces like that!
That is some headlock she has there.
Surely she is a hostess? Who else would dress like that on a Sunday?
Her stomach says yummie and she is smiling, I am not even going to say a thing..... or should I?
One of the waitresses pondering life and the where she could have gone out last night if it wasn't for having to work a Sunday morning.


Jason said...

Well the horse hooves definitely wins that round for mine.

Garth said...

Certainly were some cracking pins!

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