Monday, October 26, 2009

What else is there in Krakow?

Well not having seen all that Krakow has to offer, I am sure there is a lot! We have already taken you round the town centre and through the Jewish District, and so instead, I will continue to tell you about what I do know. So off we go to Wavel. The big palace on the hill. It overlooks the town centre and also the Vistula (Wisla).
They also have a Dragon's cave as there is a folktale about a man called Szewczyk Dratewka who fed a Dragon that had been eating all of the towns virgin's, a sheepskin full of sulphur. The Dragon then drank the whole Vistula (Wisla). Which caused him to explode! You can still visit the cave where the Dragon lived. There is also a statue to the Dragon that still breaths fire.
This palace is a little sad in a few ways, as it has been pillaged because as I mentioned earlier the Krakovites don't believe in fighting. So the Swedish, the Austrians, the Germans, the Russians pretty much anyone who has passed by has taken something for themselves. So inside the Palace apartments (we took a tour) we found out that all furniture, paintings and furnishings are all "imported" from either Italy, Holland, or Germany. With the odd sample from as far afield as the UK, Spain or Portugal. However, other than this small annoyance, it has been very well restored and is really a joy to walk around. I find that on a sunny day, there is certainly a lot of time to be wasted here.
The square is nice and smoothly plastered with balstrades abound. All casting lovely shadows.
Also with some small outbreaks of vegetation giving it a warm comfortable feel.

When we were there, there was still lots to see in the square in front of the apartments. There is something for the boys mostly, as I have told or heard from many that the Polish girls are very attractive and maybe this will show something of them. For the girls, there is fashion and shoes. :) It is a popular location for wedding photos and some modelling work too. Certainly entertaining for all.
They are shooting both calendars and wedding shots here.
Some models didn't have any fans following them, so brought their own.I swear I took this one for the ladies for the bracelet and the purse.Some can just model anywhere...........They just have style, poise, and look right when modelling......
Unfortunately, some just don't get the hints and clues that others drop..... Thanks Simon.But we can always make them models for other products....
Like chocolate bars or washing powder...... any other suggestions for our budding model?

As mentioned in a previous post, Marty has certainly got me into looking more at ladies shoes, I think Europeans probably wear nicer shoes than Australians. Then again, I didn't really look, so maybe they do.....

Here is the footer! Oh dear another bad pun, one per post, I promised you that!

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