Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where else in Krakow?

"So apart from the Old Square where else should I investigate in Krakow?", I hear you think. Yes, I read minds too, as well as teach English. Which sometimes, to be perfectly honest, is very much aligned, identical, in the same boat, seen along similar lines, and incorporated with synonym finding.

So away from the main square, there is a beautiful old town. Unlike Warsaw, Krakow didn't decide to fight the Germans, so they kept their town centre and beautiful buildings. So rather than developing a culture of builders, as the capital has, they have grown into a more artistic city. This means that there are some really nice places to be seen, not far from the town centre. There is Wawel, literally the kings' castle, and also the name of a great chocolate from Krakow, Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter and, of course, the Wisla (Vistula) River, flowing right past the castle.

So first we will start with Kazimierz.

The pidgeons love the world of Krakow.
Marty tried a bit of modelling in the Jewish town.
Hugs are all around in the Zapiekanki area.
Grannies were out getting tans.
People were even hanging out their clothes (not these though, they are made of wood).
This girl was a little different, she seemed a dominatrix and had a rather feminine male friend she appeared to order around with her. Either way I still like shiny things
Well this bloke almost looks Jewish, alas he likes pork, ham, bacon and golonka too much.I like my Graffiti simple, stencils are cool, as are thumbs.Now one of the greatest things in Kazimierz, is the Zapiekanki world!
Simon got into them in a big way, he is munching on a farmers', spicy sauce, sausage, chicken, chives, cheese, sweetcorn and bacon. As did the ladies......
Marty loved hers too, it was a mushrooms, cheese, chives and mayo.We also strolled past some large churches (they are all over the place in Krakow), we found a lovely shadow of a light.
Shadows were all the rage, sun is a great thing, this one is where we bought......Pierogi. We had some with Chanterelle mushrooms, Russian (potato and cheese), Spinach and feta, cabbage with mushrooms.
Also we had Duck, Lamb, Mutton, and Beef.In all, we had over 50 Pierogi between the three of us, along with two salads and it was all so good that we could almost have eaten more. The Awiw was the restaurant, and if you are ever in Krakow, I say go for the Pierogi, they are great!


Embejo said...

Your posts always make me hungry.

Garth said...

Haha yeah I know! Food is surely one of the greatest luxuries in the world. Screw fancy cars and big houses. Food is what makes you rich from the inside.

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