Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warsaw goes Southside Volume II Waterworld

Adelaide is a coastal city, it has a small port but as we saw in the last pictures long stretches of golden sand beaches. So some of the interesting history (like many other cities that are coastal) is focused on the water world around it.

This is why Marta and I went to enjoy a couple of locations. One was the Maritime Museum
Pretty self explanatory this one.
The Port Adelaide Lighthouse (never actually working in Port Adelaide, but that is a longer story)
This is a elegant figurehead of a boat.
No wonder with a name like this!
About the only girl on the boats in many of the old days.
Pretty menacing. And he was from a grain ship!
One of the best things about the Maritime Museum, other than the temporary display of swimwear history, was the complete boat inside it. Of course me being me, I took only a photo of a very small part of it.

The other was the Migration Museum.
Statues outside.
Statues continued.
For me the latter was easily the hands down winner. This Museum appealed to me as a new immigrant to Poland and it talked a lot about the home life of immigrants which now fascinates me. However, another reason for me like this more may be something else. It may also have had something to do with 25 kiddies singing and screaming "Sail, Sail, Sail, Sail awwwwaaaayyyy, Sail Awaaaaayyyyyy" at the tops of their lungs while I was trying my hardest to be intellectual whilst reading about ships and ketches and the like at the Maritime Museum. I like kids most of the time.... but that "most of the time" is not when I am trying to learn and concentrate.

So also around Port Adelaide there are many of the old time stone buildings. Which is a huge reason to enjoy the Port and Adelaide in general. As opposed to the other capitals I have visited (Perth being the only one I have missed) they tend not to have as many old style buildings and beautiful facades as Adelaide has. Which is sad for them, but great for Adelaide!!
Some even have really scary guard dogs!
So as the last building suggested, we decided to spend some time in Semaphore, which is a really quaint seaside suburb in Adelaide, it has some lovely buildings but something much more important than the buildings (never thought I would say that)
It is Soto's Fish and Chip Shop. It is famous since ages ago.
They whip up a mean burger and steak sandwich.
Not to mention frying up some great fish and chips.
Of course I made Marta eat the most Australian thing in a Fish and Chip Shop a Chiko Roll! I love them, and it is an important food source that I miss whilst away from the lucky and sunburnt country.

I think Australian cuisine is certainly one of the more interesting things that Marta experienced....... more than museums, no doubt.

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