Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warsaw goes Southside

Ok, so many know we popped down to the Southern Hemisphere for a really brief (some say too brief) trip. I never have enough time to catch up with people in general and once again this was the case. So I managed to meet up with a few, whilst making sure that Marty was able to fondle as much native wildlife as possible.

She certainly got a big thrill from many of the animals that she could touch as well as the ones that were just "around" in general. Also some of the things I think I have always taken for granted that she pointed out to me were as follows:
- The space we have in Australia
- The fact houses are made of brick not concrete or wood
- The smell of Eucalyptus being in the air everywhere
- Birds, different birds, are everywhere
- Less people smoke and in less places
- Beaches look like muesli (well if you close your eyes and use both hands and imagination)

I will add a blog that is not associated with dates and time just concepts and flowing prose, if prose can flow from me that is.
Something very exciting happened while away, I got a new child. A brand spanking new Canon 5D Mark II ( It is my first real digital camera, and so I am still completely confused, over awed and fascinated by it. That said, I am really enjoying it. I do miss film though...... but we won't talk about that at the moment, in case the technology camera gods decide to hurt me for blasphemy. So on the first day I got it I took a few quick snaps luckily the sunset helped me out with being pretty darned nice.
I had been informed by plant, photography and camera guru Mr Bruce Webber that the camera was a good one, and so I went to explore the Adelaide shops and came across a decent price (relatively speaking).
But from the first ten or so photos, I must say it was up there with film quality.
If only it had a remove powerlines button on it.....
Or remove incompetence too so they don't turn out this blurry as Marty and Cozza have. I could always call it airbrushing!
Then I moved to some more difficult subjects. Grumpy old Garden Gnomes.
Some people say that I look like my father, others have much better vision and sanity beyond question.
So the day after the beautiful sunset, I told Marty it was her big day. It was beach day, time to get the pasty bits out and hit Seacliff!
Yes everyone was excited even Marty's new friend in the background.
It is normally very hard to find such Great Whites, lucky Marty brought hers with her.
I think this was my footprint.... certainly not Marta's!
I love how coastlines can be so flexible in their environments and in such a short space (distance wise).
It is Blue and White as far as the eye can see, Seacliff beach in Adelaide looking North towards Brighton Jetty. The best thing about School Holidays is when they aren't on and the beaches are empty.
Rutted and gutted the beaches of Adelaide will always be some of the greatest to me. I think now Marty might just also agree.


Erin said...

Nice sunsets. Seacliff beach is my favourite beach in the whole wide world. I miss it.

Garth said...

Oh Erin, I hear you! And it is even better now. They have really nice established dunes which make it such a nicer beach. I am just hoping that soon they put in raised walkways and it will be come almost pristine!

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