Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The very best of the best of Warsaw! #8

Warsaw University Library and University grounds.

Although these locations are actually separate, for the sake of trying to link some sights together I have combined these actually associated subjects.
The library is probably the main highlight and it has to be good, when the street it faces is Dobra (good) street!! That said, I have never actually taken my own camera to the library! I have been there about 5 or 6 times, but I have never had my camera, so I have "borrowed" some net pics for it.
The area is an really interesting place to walk around, sometimes I have to admit to getting lost in the maze of backstreets that lead away from Krakowskie Przedmiescie down towards the river. As numerous people who have come to Warsaw to visit can attest to. But, once I get down to the library all is forgotten. It really is a cool place. It has a great roof top garden which is now overlooking the new and fancy looking Copernicus Centre of Science. It should all be opened by the end of the year! Hooray for interactive science!

I hope to get there soon to get some photos of the Autumn kicking in. Fingers crossed.....

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