Sunday, October 03, 2010

The very best of the best of Warsaw #7

National Museum and linked Military Museum.
It is funny, as I really loved my visit to the National Museum, funny because lots of Poles tell me that they don't think it is impressive. I guess they are comparing it to London and Paris National Museums which are bigger in collection but bigger isn't always better.

The Museum is a really imposing building, built in the early 1860's so it has a certainly strong definate character and style. It was, of course, looted quite heavily during WWII, as most of Warsaw was.

This said it has a really lovely collection of Mediterranean art (including Egypt),
as well as some great Polish communism era works.
The fabulously commissioned styles of working women and men with hammers too.
You just can't escape that time in Poland and with good reason too. Overall the most fun part is annoying the old grannies that sit in every room. We were told that we took too long to take our photographs of things, especially this one below which is of a rotating display. Funny thing was, that at that time we were the only people in the room!Let's face it, museum workers are just unread librarians. Either way I still think it is a cool place to visit.

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