Monday, October 11, 2010

More catch up! Belgium!

So the Martmiester and I decided to take a trip to Holland and Belgium as my brother was getting married in Holland. So we thought it would be a good extended holiday for us. I had only ever passed through Belgium on the train, but had spent quite a lot of time in Holland before. So we decided to start off with a week and a bit in Belgium. Which was wonderful. I really recommend going there, and also making sure you go rural too. I won't put up a million photos of Belgium, even though I think I took about 300 or so. I will just do food related ones.

Moules and more moules, you can't go to Belgium without eating mussels. We prefer them with vegetables and white wine.
As you can see here.
They are talented with marzipan too. Look at these almost edible corn cobs. I say almost as marzipan has nuts in it and I am allergic!
Speaking of which even though walnuts are just about, to me anyway, the most evil of all nuts these do look nice.
Then there is the mountains and mountains of chocolare in all forms. Wafer thin slivers, truffles
and of course handy man equpitment.
Marty likes them in all forms though.
As you can tell by her grin here.
I just like the way chocolate is presented in Belgium even "boring" bars look good!
Or the classic Australian childrens party snack, chocolate crackles are a hit here!
The biggest reason for mind is the beer. I know the Germans will hate me for this, as I do love their beer. But the Belgians win it hands down when it comes to a contest. I haven't been to a country that gets even close!
Even a cherry beer..... a little bit horrid a little bit evil pleasure as the hangover the next day will attest.
Dark, wheat, lager they have it all. Even up to 15%, there are higher, but typically 15% is about the max.
Either way you look at it. The food other than the mussels, the chocolate and the beer may be expensive and a touch bland in general, the other three certainly make up for it in being dynamic and fabulous to the taste and eye.

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