Sunday, October 31, 2010

Roll on Holl-and sights - Delft

So we decided one day to drive in to Delft. Which is the town I actually know the most about in Holland. So that was a good thing. Marty had always wanted to visit Delft as she likes Vermeer and he was born and lived in Delft and is also of course now buried there. I have to admit to being a fan of the Dutch Baroque and the "Golden Age", so I was happy to drive over and see what we could find.
After parking and strolling through a nice maze of streets, we went past the fish market and popped out into the belly of the main square.
We got to see what Delft is, to me anyway, a nice modern shop where all is perfect,
Then next to it is a nice little antique shop there with things that appear used, ice skates, clogs and lots of faux Delft 18th century pottery.
Something else I noticed about Delft is that there are great little details hidden, and if you don't look up, you won't see them. This must be a moon market.
The clouds in the window, the slightly changing bricks and the dog looking down Oudekerkstraat.
To me, if I couldn't translate the word Bijbel, I would think it is a Harry Potter theme store. Makes you think about fictional books.....
Of course there are the more obvious of wall adornments as well.
Sometimes you just have to remember what Den Nederlands is all about..... cows, but I'm not saying Marty is a cow..... or am I?
The different types of old glass are also all over inner Delft. You can tell the age apparently by the difference in thickness top to bottom as glass is actually still liquid and will run down with gravity. Fact.
The spires try to get higher.
Het Noorden the mining engineer pub I spent a bit of time in last time I was in Delft. You can only come being a mining engineer or invited by a member. It is the only faculty in Delft that have their own pub. Gluck Auf!

As we prepared to leave Delft, Marty wanted to see the location where the Vermeer's famous painting "View of Delft". So the first picture is the day we were there
The second is the painting by Vermeer. Well at least the clouds stayed the same!
So that is Delft, quite a pretty little city and now certainly becoming "trendy" with the students and ex-students staying or returning to live. I recommend it especially if you want to see the spiritual home of the Dutch Golden Age.


Linda said...

Always a Vermeer fan, now I'd like to see Delft.


Gee Em said...

Yes Linda, most of Holland looks like a Vermeer Painting, but Delft has something special to it. I recommend it. Plus there is the Vermeer centre which although has no actual Vermeer's it tells you the story of each!

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