Sunday, November 07, 2010

The cutest Dutch Town ever! Oudewater

So Marty and I were driving to the last place we would stay at. It was a beautiful cottage that was surrounded by its own moat and had lovely views of woods, the moat, fields and the chicken shed which was on its own little island. That said, we hadn't got there when we stopped at the prettiest town in Holland. Oudewater. It is in the middle of the Bible Belt of Holland and is between Utrecht and Gouda. Of course we had already been disappointed by Gouda and so didn't return there. Before we got to our quaint and quiet location, we stopped at Oudewater, the guiding information was because it was a town of witches and history. We were mostly thinking lunch, but witches is always a nice distraction. We parked the car and strolled through the town centre and stopped at a popular looking cafe.
There were people enjoying coffee outside a board listing the specialities and a general buzz coming from inside. Which always seems positive.
As we got closer, I realised they served Tet's! How odd in the middle of Holland.
It was very pretty inside, well decorated.

Even the walls had some great details.

So we decided to eat some lovely food, very pleasant it was.
Marty had the goat's cheese in bacon.
I had the bitterballen. The reason I chose these is because at the wedding we had some superb balls. These were nice, but not as good.
So after the warming snack and a decent coffee and tea we hit the streets, and you can still find cows in the middle of town.
It is nice to see a building that is perfectly well kept and established only 40 years after the Dutch first found Australia and only about 130 years before the English limped on to that Great Southern Land.
The town had a great air of care taken. The buildings were all immaculately kept and looking fresh and clean. The houses used their windows and window sills as art galleries and the place as a whole was like a living architectural postcard.
Just to show how important it is, most of the towns buildings are covered with these such labels.
We strolled down Pepper Street, but couldn't find any other condiments about. I am guessing it is related to the times when Holland were kings of the Spice race.
Everywhere in town there were great details, like a door bell that is a hand you turn.
Or the window display of an antiques shops.
Bringing back memories of good times past.
There was also a delightful little shoe repair shop. I forgot my polariser so the black thing you can see is me trying to be inventive with my jacket.
Not to mention the fact that Dogs can read there too!
I am guessing that this guy is feeling glum as he left Oudewater never to return. It really is a lovely little town, and anyone cruising in the region should jump off the highway and enjoy a stroll. In the end we didn't even get to the witch museum where they can weigh you to tell you if you are a which or not. But I guess, we will just have to live on in wonder.

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