Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The remainder of Holland.

As per every holiday, you finish tidying up all the photos for big ideas, but then you have a few left over. A bit like when you make a Meccano set there are always spare screws lying around and you wonder where the heck they really should go, and swear that they added extras in there. Until of course it falls apart and you realise your clinical man error of not following instructions. That to the side, I have some odds and sodds to clean up the trip before I can return to the land of the Poles.
So we should start with an Earth worm. Yes they look cool.
Then on my beer tour of the lowlands, I found this oddity a Rose beer. All I can say is Hoegaarden stick to wheat beers and go to the corner and think about your actions.
For Jurgen's wedding we had to make a label for the wine we gave them instead of flowers. A great idea, and the hosts of our accommodation helped with the glue stick and some colourful paper, Magical Mart did the rest. Bloody impressive in my mind.
Our hosts also had a kiwi vine! I had never seen one, even after 1.5 years in NZ! Actually a lovely thing to bang your head on as you walked out in the morning to get the awesome breakfast they put on at at De Regenboog.
We had one afternoon of just sitting in the sun, and reading, it was fabulous.
Along the road from De Regenboog there were 5, or is it 6, old windmills that are now just converted into lovely houses and businesses. Worth the stroll past the goats, cows, sheep and geese to see them.
When in Holland I fell in love with clouds again. I am not sure if it was the limitless supply of the fluffy things, the Dutch painters or the new polariser for the camera. Either way I found myself staring at them and creating my own figures in there.
And taking more and more pictures.
In this one on the left is it a squirrel?
Then finally our last relaxation of the holiday. Schoonrewoerd we almost wished we had spent longer here.
So idyllic.
With our own moat and the chicken house on its own island. How quaint!
Our final meal.

Marty posing
The glamorous Marta
Dance Marty Dance.
And the sun sets on another adventure.

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