Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grapeo is reborn

Some say the best time to harvest is by the light of a silvery moon, or at least when there is a full one. Biodynamic principles are linked to such fancy/fanciful things as lunar cycles. So we decided to hit the grapes last time we were in Sokolka as with the wedding approaching we had no idea what amount of time we would have free to return and pick.
Marty looks not only super skinny here but like she has the worlds biggest hands!
Behind every skin there is a fleshy lining. hmmmm that quote/analogy doesn't sound right....
They almost look wine worthy if you shoot them in black and white.
Actually in colour they don't look so bad either.
So about 8kg or so later we have all the grapes. It isn't enough to make any form of wine, and as we picked them a little early probably too low in sugar anyway. So we decided another liqueur this year would be the trick. Now to the bottle shop for Vodka and Brandy!
After some pruning earlier in the year, I was able to get quite a lot more grapes than last year. I have also since the picking and after all the leaves fell, I pruned them back really hard, I hope it increases the bounty next year. It was running through the car shed, the tool shed and into the nearby trees.... yes it needed it.

So we got home pulped the grapes and now they are stewing away, I have since added some brown sugar syrup to give it some sweetness as they were picked a touch too early. Either way come Christmas time we should have some nice tipples.

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