Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Best Colour Photos of 2010

Hello, Blog Readers.

Last year I did a simple thing and asked my blog readers and Facebook friends which photos they liked most of mine. So add a comment at the bottom of the photos to let me know what you like and I will combine facebook and Blog votes to come out with an overall winner. There will be a randomly selected voter for a prize. Yes, bribing is as important in photo competition as much as it is for FIFA World Cup host selection.

1. Wild Strawberry Line. Sokolka, Poland.
2. Deeper Underground. Prague. Czech Republic.
3. Through the Bushfire Light. Adelaide, Australia.
4. Big red. Warsaw, Poland.
5. Eastern Field. Sokolka, Poland.
6. Kanganose it all. Adelaide, Australia.
7. Planted. Adelaide, Australia.
8. Landing in the Light. Warsaw, Poland.
9. Leaf me hanging. Warsaw, Poland.
10. Night Clock. Prague, Czech Republic.
11. Twin Towers of Light. Prague, Czech Republic.
12. Nights of River Folk. Prague, Czech Republic.
13. Twighlight and Lavender. Warsaw, Poland.
14. Lady of Many Faces. London, England.
15. Lighten Your Case. London, England.
16. King of the Fishers. Adelaide, Australia.
17. Frosty Past. Praga, Poland.
18. Fountain of the Night. Ghent, Belgium.
19. Alight Lights. Ghent, Belgium.
20. Clock and Cloud. Veurne, Belgium.
21. The Fields of Green. Sokolka, Poland.
22. Amongst the Little People. Brugge, Belgium.
23. Wee Mans Hands. Prague, Czech Republic.
24. Reflections of Delicate Times. Oudewater, Holland.
25. Bit of Ballen. Oudewater, Holland.


Maria Tsikmis said...

my favourite colur picture in this whole collection is the one with the strawberries. there were other excellent photos but this one is def the best.

Jamie Oon said...

My fave Black and White photos are: (in order)
#8 Nuclear Leaves
#10 Come on Everybody be Happy
#29 Oz meets North

Fave Colour photos in order:
#18 Fountain of the Night
#3 Through the Bushfire Light
(and a tie between):
#17 Frosty Past
#23 Wee Mans Hands

Gee Em said...

Thanks Maria! I really appreciate it.

Thanks Also Miss Oon!!!

I am glad that you both took the time to vote, almost all concluded now!

Winners announced soon!

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