Sunday, December 19, 2010

Autumn, or Fall, as the stating the obvious call it

Autumn is always going to be my finest memory of Poland. It is the time of year I first visited, the time I fell in love with Marty, and its also the greatest celebration of colour around. Growing up in Adelaide, we are lucky as we had some really beautiful plantations of oak, ash and other deciduous trees like in Victoria Avenue. So, with the Summer months ending, and the environment getting down in its temperature, it was surely time for the leaves to run away for another year. So we took a stroll through the Zoliborz area in the Western side of the River to the North of the City Centre, which included around the Citadel.
The sky was clear and the leaves were still about while someone had kept their car nice and clean for a decent reflection.
The area around the citadel is full of Oak and Birch trees so there was a plethora of colours about.
That said, I thought a little black and white might nicely catch the little winter house for birds. It is something that I really like about the inner city of Warsaw, that in many locations you can find bird houses erected as the older trees have been removed, therefore, there are no hollows for native birds. So they erect these and now that the leaves have gone you will also see bird feeders out with all sorts of yummy, if you are a bird, treats.
Even dappled light onto a birch tree can have a pleasant effect.
But, you must face it, that Autumn is all about the colours.
Reds, to greens. Oranges, to browns. It really has it all.
Plus that delicate soft light that in Summer can burn out your retinas, but at this time of the year just makes things nice to look at.
It makes the sky a beautiful rich blue and the yellows seem vivid but still tasty and fresh.
When you get the orange hints in, you think warm and happy thoughts even if the wind says, "no you aren't".
With these times you can find the most simple and delightful clashing colours.
Or simply move it to black and white to get the same.
Even when you walk around staring at the colours of Autumn in a modern 21st Century city like Warsaw, you still stumble across the reminder that war has played a big part in the history here, and no I don't just mean in the name of the city!
Then the memories come about to be more obvious.
You think, wow, if I was older I may have been part of this too.
Or I could have just run up these steps like Rocky instead.
So instead of the negative and sad, I focused on the cool and nouveau.Yes, back to my old favourite, silly and wacky stencil art. The graffiti without the unreadable writing, just the unfathomable pictures! Life is better when you think happy or wacky thoughts.

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