Monday, October 11, 2010

Stupid Flanders is the guy with the Moustache and green sweater

So one day we were driving around the charming SouthWest province of Flanders in Belgium. It really is a nice place. We were cruising through Ypres and thought it would be a good idea to head a little further on towards the coast and ended up at in De Panne it really is an ugly ugly beachside resort with most of it being built around the 70's or 80's. This said it was nice to stroll on a beach for a little while.
Off to the beach with you little one.
Kind of reminds me of a sadder Glenelg (Adelaide, South Australia).
I quite like this image of a once loved dog toy left behind when it got excited by something more attractive than this ruined thing, something like another dogs bum probably.
And Marty and her souvenirs she does love to get some small shells whenever she can. I am expecting to come home one day to find that she has combined them all into making one giant shell!


Anonymous said...

Oh gee you ROCK!!!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Anonymous. I appreciate that :D

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