Sunday, October 03, 2010

The very best of the best of Warsaw #4

Wilanów Palace
This is a tricky one, as technically I would say it is out of Warsaw, but it has become a southern suburb now.... so, I have decided to include it. The last time I was at the Palace it was a glorious summer's day. The sun was streaming down, and Marty had just bought me a lovely coffee so I was pretty darned happy. It was a public holiday and there were about 75million people there, but I still had a great time enjoying what I could see around me. Again like in so many public places in Poland, it is a fashion show, but in such great weather I was happy to sit back and watch the grannies in the chiffon and the youngsters walking around in ridiculously inappropriate heels for a stroll in the gardens.
So is a fashion victim one that succumbs, one that has no fashion or the one that hurts themselves trying too hard?

Anyway, the park palace culture is also a great place to ride to as it has really easy access by bike from all parts of Warsaw. So you can even jump on the Metro with your bike if you live too far North and then ride down from Wilanowska station. When there you can stroll for free around the Baroque gardens , the English park or pay to see the internal palace and the Orangery where there are exhibitions. I like it there and you always get the chance to see some great cheesy wedding photos being taken as there is a very popular (and expensive) church near by. These photos sessions are really one of my penchants in Poland, as the poses they get into are just purely classic! Trust me on that one.

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