Friday, October 08, 2010

Catching up on old pics! Around Wawa

Ok, so the Warsaw top ten killed me off, as did the two weeks in Holland and Belgium! That said I am hoping to really catch up on as much as I can at the moment. So here are some purely unassociated photos from strolls around Warsaw.
So some of the simple and lovely concreteness of Warsaws Park marsz. E. Śmigłego-Rydza,
A sculpture that you can find in the "gardens" of the National Military Museum, right next to Kubus the homemade tank.
These two examples of street art are to be found near (above) and on (below) Most Jozefa Poniatowskiego.These were all taken on a strolling day after having a bite to eat with some good friends at Ye Goode Foode a really nice restaurant/cafe thingo on Raven street (16/22 ul. Krucza) in a nice area of Warsaw. I thoroughly recommend you check out the food there. Healthy, deconstructed and well worth the visit.

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