Monday, October 04, 2010

The very best of the best of Warsaw #2

Łazienki Palace

Well I have written previously about the Łazienki Palace complex, as it is a really lovely spot to walk around. It is certainly somewhere to "escape to" on a nice weekend. Only problem with it, apart from the vigilant guards who won't let you sit on the manicured lawns, is that it is darned popular! There is always decent crowds there on weekends or any sunny day, along with free Chopin concerts in Summer which is really lovely if that is your 'cup of tea'.
If not there are statues to look at, some randomly broken like this.....
Or of ladies and fish doing things....
It is similar to Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie Przedmiescie in the sense that people love to walk here, they are still dressed immaculately, however, they tend to walk the extremes. They will have in their gloved hand an icecream, and in the other a small child or grandmother. It is the place where they exercise and show off who they are. Some take the big cameras to snap their wives posing or their kids running amok. Others will take a book and read when the weather is nice. Many will be showing off their prams and new borns to doting grandparents, while some of the younger crowd who still live at home will use it as a chance to get some space from their parents and kiss grotesquely their girlfriend/boyfriend of the moment, play music on their mobile phones or just simply relax.
Overall I like the park, except when they tell me not to play in the meadows of beautiful wild flowers. Darned grumpy security guards!

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