Sunday, October 24, 2010

The last of Belgium

So as I completely forgot about Ypres, I need to add a few more photos in. After the Tyne Cot we thought it would be good to relax a little as the weather was fabulous. So we went off to have a beer in the sun.
I ordered a lovely brown Kasteel
With such a pretty base to the glass, that really is a treat to have nice individual glasses to each beer. I just don't think it would work in Australia for some reason......
Marty had a Palm beer and it must have been good, or my stories are really boring.... I am hoping it was a good beer, but truth be known.... it was just ok.
We stopped near an Australian memorial, it was lovely as we were the only people there, in the middle of a small forest with a manicured lawn and some time to reflect.
To the fifth.
Then we popped into Ypres/Ieper (which looks like leper if you aren't concentrating) for a poke around.
There were some great ominous looking clouds about too.
Threatening, yet fluffy and nice.
In Ypres there is a memorial to the soldiers of WWI as many were killed defending the area around Ypres. Ypres itself was almost completely destroyed in WWI and so the town is only 100 years old, but you really couldn't tell.
J.J. rest his soul.
I couldn't tell which photo of the fountain I liked more.
So you got two.
We stopped off for our first (and only) Belgian waffle, I asked for chocolate at first he thought I said chicken..... man my English must be getting worse!
Then we did a little shopping, ahhhhh chocolate.
I then looked at, but refused to buy, some cherry beer. It is just kind of wrong, no?
After getting our little hearts, and stomachs, focused on food we decided to have a meal. It was a great idea, as it was the best meal of the entire trip! We went to the restaurant De Ruyffelaer if you are ever passing through, you must stop in. It is really great.
I had Rabbit
And Marty had the poussin
Before we headed towards the memorial at sunset.
For the daily tradition of the last post. Certainly an emotional moment and there would have been a good 300 people there, mid week in September, quite impressive all round.


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beautiful photos, thanks for sharing


Gee Em said...

Thanks Linda, Always a pleasure!

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