Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Belgium, Veurne

So the town of Veurne is to be found just inland from the South coast of Belgium, not too far from the French border. To be honest it really is a little jewel in the countryside. We just went here on our way back from running our fingers through sand and shells at the seaside. We are certainly glad that we did. Marta loved to be thought of as a local by a French car passing by as they failed to see her camera, guidebook and bewildered look, they continued to ask her the way to... well, somewhere, and she just smiled and said sorry, it was a cute scene.
The town has a rather imposing clocktower overlooking the main square.
It stands proud amidst the beautiful buildings which were luckily not destroyed in WWI in this part of the lowlands.
Around the square you can see some Renaissance buildings and the town hall. It really is a very pretty central square, to my mind, the prettiest in Belgium.
This is the town hall, it has a nice tower that you can climb I think, but we never got the chance.
I did like the ornate building tops and the small differences that you can see in each building due to its different uses and owners.
We were there when there was some lovely low afternoon sun and it let us play in the sun and shadows.
Of course being a nice and old town, it allowed me a good door fix to feed my addiction.
There were many interesting doors. After some of the towns I didn't think I would see such old ones. As many of the towns in the region were so devastated by WWI that it seems they just used more modern doors and materials and didn't seem to put the craftsmanship into them. So I was very happy to come here and see some nice doors.
The town also had a lovely bakery, the blurry blonde was an added free extra.
They had some delicious looking desserts to scoff down.
Apples appear to pop up a lot in this region too.
See I told you so.
The Raspberries looked too nice to be real! Unfortunately Marty and I had already eaten so we didn't lavish each other with icing sugar covered treats.
But my biggest question is are the pink things here a Belgian copy of the Adelaide classic,
Frog cakes? They look similar but of course the Adelaide Balfours treat is just a distant memory now..... Luckily if I need a fix of home, here in Poland two metro stops away I can buy a decent Lamington.


Erin said...

Yum! Those raspberry deserts look amazing! I think I would have had one anyway even if I had just eaten! There's always room for desert ;)

Gee Em said...

Erin, they certainly do look good. I completely agree with you, there is always room for dessert, that is the problem though, as we always eat it! So we had actually had cake already. We call that space the sweet pocket! :)

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