Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff - II

So with the world getting together for fun and good times in Warsaw, it was great to see many people of Warsaw going, not just the internationals of Wawa. The kids just love a bit of music and the adults love the variety of food that was on offer. I personally enjoyed the music and the amount of people actually smiling and enjoying it, but most of all the feeling of community that exists in such events.
The kids love it when you get interactive with new things, it works in museums and it works at multicultural festivals.
I love that Poland is not a litigious society like America, Australia and to a lesser extent the UK are. People here can still do things which are quasi reckless and there is a chance of injury, but there isn't the huge fear that someone will sue you in the morning.
More community art, this one is a little more morose and the subject matter is probably not really my scene, but that said, I still think the quality of art is very high and these are all people you could see locally, I may even have bumped into them on the day without noticing. Also something to add, this picture is on about the 3rd floor of a building.
The courtyard scheme was great! I almost wanted to move straight to Praga, and to imagine the majority of Warsaw was like this at one stage would have been amazing. I don't mean multicultural, but based on courtyard houses with the highest residential buildings really being only about 5 floors. This one was home to Salsa classes, they would talk you through it or you could just watch the Latin lovers going nuts.
There was colour and art everywhere and in all forms.
Some people made their courtyards more homely.
If only I had used the video function I could show you this girl clicking her fingers along to some really cool jazz. I do like the henna tattoo though, even if I don't readily associate Jazz, Sunshine, Beer with a straw and Henna together it makes for a fun day no doubt.
In this courtyard, where the Jazz was, there was even a cartoonist whipping out samples of elves, goblins and all manner of crazy things.
It wouldn't be a multicultural festival without scantily clad women, and well there of course was some explaination needed for this as we see here.
Then we just get down to it. You have to love a good belly dance, I remember getting "into the groove" in Istanbul on a Bosphorous cruise. These although not as Gypsy looking certainly caught many boys imagination. I couldn't even count the number of boys taking photos of these lovely lasses.
They seem to enjoy it to, you can see a sneaky photographer bottom right.
Now that I think about it, with me taking these photos, did that make me one of the appreciative boys? Well, yes it did indeed. I love to see a show where people are enjoying themselves. You see professionals perform and, well, lots of them look like they are at work, probably a lot like sitting down and starting at an accountant crunch some numbers, a copywriter making magic happen or a marketing person... umm.... well.... getting a coffee probably.
So after seeing such buxom ladies, is it time to pack up your baskets and head home?
Not likely, there is plenty more to come!

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