Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Eve - The Numbers Keep Rolling On

Another one bites the dust. So 2010 went out with..... well, a bang, actually, many bangs. This year we couldn't see the city centre display from our apartment, but the locals certainly gave us a great display and even a few close encounters of the exploding kind. One nearly coming in the window while I was photographing.

Things started well with a Mexican meal, and a bottle of cava. The beans, guacomole, tortilla and appled pork mince all went down well. Then we retired to watch a couple of movies, until the exploding finale of 2010.
It all started relatively calm.
There were the odd explosions earlier than midnight, I am expecting mostly for the kiddies who would otherwise fall asleep.
Then as it got darker and darker you think maybe it was some bigger kids who weren't able to wait the couple of hours till everyone else was primed.
But then just when you thought people had used up their fireworks too early.....
It goes nuts.
This one was a little scary, it was right next to the window.
It gradually gets more and more cloudy with smoke from the fireworks.
Then you try to make a cool effect when the tripod gets loose.
Out the other balcony we see some nice stuff too.
Then when it came to New Years Day it was all about fresh and new.... snow that is.
Enjoy the display! Warsaw and the Big Bang Theory. Sorry about the quality, I have no idea how to compress properly.

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