Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff. No. III

So after seeing the soft jazz and then the belly dancing ladies, we really craved more live music. Whilst the swirls, the smooth moves, and the clickety click of camera shutters was a nice start to the musical world, we really needed more. What else could this multicultural festival offer us?

Some were looking a little vague.
But it was good that the beauty and the beast both made an appearance.
When I think world music, I do tend to think percussion. There is no real reason why, apart from the fact hearts beat all over the world and to made a beat is probably the simplest, yet possibly the most warming of sounds. It certainly is nice to see some well polished knobs about the place.
Then a young lady to wack them delicately with a stick.
Hey, they even let red heads play! Who ever would have thought?! But the Chinese community had a great place, there was plenty going on.
So after that we really did hear something that sounded totally tribal. Walking off down Brzeska and found a big red camel. What on earth could that signify?
Of course it means white people playing tribal African drums. It is scarily infective, too. It seems really therapuetic and I would love to give it a crack one day, but I don't think the neighbours would love it too much. Then again it might make up for the screaming baby on one side and the 1990's nightclub upstairs.... a thought I shall ponder in the future, no doubt.
But everyone seemed to love it. Except maybe the host and lead drummer for the day.
You can even check out a video here of the people getting their groove on.

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