Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kabaty Forest

Spider tree
In Warsaw there are many great parks, it is actually something the communists did well, was retain parks as they could have just as easily slapped down more apartment buildings but they didn't so we should be thankful. I have shown off before small amounts of łazienki, Saski and the infamous Granny parks. But, never have I shown off the biggest one that is nearest to me. Well, to start with it really isn't a park. It is actually a forest. Where during the war lots of people hid and apparently many Jewish families, and was also a scene of uprising when the southern militia tried to reach Warsaw to help the Warsaw Uprising units. It is called the Kabaty Forest or Las Kabacki in Polish.
So let's stroll through it.
The curved trees and good healthy humus layer

A sleeping tree, one of the recent victims of strong winds
Now what on earth is here? It is a bit of a tricky one, stare at it and try and find what is there.
Yes it is a little forest frog.
The freshest of the leaves are out.
They look so pretty when fresh and new
They pop up in all the oddest places
Low and high
Creating beautiful crisp shadows
Or coming out of the shadows.
Showing their veins
Popping out their berries
I do love great textures of nature
It can be seen on the branches that are scaly
Or the trunks
Where nature just makes it own patterns
It makes the beauty simple
And delicate at the same time
Sometimes you even get some flowers if the grannies haven't picked them already
So after strolling through the forest it is time to head home
Through the tall buildings, long shadows
And random graffiti
 That, was a stroll through an Urban forest, I hope it wasn't too urbane.


Anonymous said...

Read this....

The kabaty forest crash...

TEFL SecretAgent said...

Some beautiful pictures matey. Has motivated me to find some nature this Sunday morning!

Keep them coming!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Anon, I have read about that. I didn't get into the forest deep enough to see the memorial though. Maybe next trip.

TEFL it is indeed a perfect day for it! Get out there before the afternoon storms come.

Paddy said...

Lovely photos - and I believe that is a frog! Possibly one I nearly stepped on myself last week when giving the Mrs a piggyback over some rough teren!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Paddy, yeah they are fun little frogs. Much more fun than the bloody Mosquitoes which are out and sucking anything and everything with blood! I got feasted on today.

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