Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy Flag Day and the end of the Strolling

As the weather was purely awesome, I just kept on a walking. In fact, my loop for the afternoon was actually about 6.5km and about 102 photos. So I strolled from the centre, heading towards Ogród Saski. One of, to me anyway, prettier parks in Warsaw. It is basically between old town and centrum. So it makes a great diversion. I also sometimes hold classes with students there, as it is really a nice relaxing and beautiful place.

On the way I cruised past the Holy Trinity Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, or Kościół Świętej Trójcy in Polish. I snapped another of my lifelong, and hence continuing, obsessions, which is door related paraphernalia or is that pornophernalia.... I just can't get enough of the stuff. One of the best things about being in Europe is seeing really cool handles, knobs and knockers. Australia really has nothing on these here, I guess it is also an issue when in Australia that nobody's house is right on the street like in Europe. Also maybe the fact that there is no real artisan industry of it in Australia. Then again, in Europe now, it is very difficult to buy a decent "new" knob, knocker or handle for a door, or even a really nice door, for that matter.

Porn for door lovers.
I was going to use this photo as a "What is it?", but then realised it was far too easy.
I really enjoy this shadow from the face of the neoclassical facade, it almost looks a little evil.
Just next to the church on księdza Biskupa Juliusza Burschegois (Father Bishop Julius Burchegois which I am guessing is a Lane or Place), there is a school and the they have a pretty cool word game/art display in the side of one of the buildings.
So, once I have finished here I cross the road and stroll through the Saski gardens. It is one of the great central parks in Warsaw which sees plenty of rollerblading, dog walking, and granny sunbaking.
It isn't just frequented by the furry and the bipedal, it is also home to numerous varieties of song bird, that get little winter homes too.
But, the real reason I wanted to pop in was the breaking of spring.
The chestnut trees were budding into leaf.
So, now you get stuck looking at about a hundred photos of nearly the exact same thing! Sorry.
I just think that Spring is such an invigorating time.
Even the little bee here wanted to find out what was going on.

After a really lovely stroll, hearing the squeals of excitement from grannies looking at the sun, and grumbles from kiddies about the way old people are today, I continued my spacer (Polish for walk), through to Plac Teatralny w Warszawie (the Warsaw Theatre Square). It is surrounded by quite pretty buildings, but again, I think it would be lovely to remove the cars and car park here and just make it a really nice open space with some more greenery, benches (maybe even musical ones), and more statues of famous Polish actors/actresses/writer etc. Something you realise relatively quickly is that Warsaw really is a theatre town. I would suggest even more than London, which is the only other real "theatre town" that I have been to. There are many theatres spread around the city in the suburbs as well as larger ones in the city centre.

Just look at all the plays on at the moment in the "Great Theatre". When I see things like this, it makes me really wish I understood a whole lot more Polish.
It looks pretty dead here, but that was because in the car park there was a BMW show, but as I walked around the corner there were people all glammed up to the nines. Was a nice way to finish my stroll.
Now to finish the post another, what is it photo!? Lets here what you think it is. Happy Flag Day Poland!


Paddy said...

It's some egg box like plastering?

Gee Em said...

well I don't know if it is eggbox but it is what I would call honeycomb and it is on the side of the zachęta gallery. Damn I need to make these harder!

Paddy said...

3 out of 3 so far!! I wish this was a skill I could make money out of - perhaps you can play around with the lighting a bit?

Una Kaempt said...

Mudwasp nest?

I love the door porn. Nice knockers! I spent ages looking for, and had to buy online from the UK in the end a replica knocker in the form of a fox I had admired at a friend's old beachhouse on Yorke Peninsula a few years ago.

We will soon be searching for a new (old, as in salvage) front door. And a knocker to go with it. I'm excited! I love knockers... ; )

But I'd say you're right about the wealth of excellent examples of old doors and knockers in Europe, esp. Eastern Europe. Jez & I will be in heaven when we finally get there...

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