Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Street stroll No.2

Next from the Plac I continued my amble down Marszałkowska. I popped across this nicely adorned scooter, all the sun made it shimmer like stars.
As I have mentioned previously there are so many different styles of building in Warsaw, some old some new, some borrowed and some blue. This one just has great repetition, some people may find that boring. Not me, I love the simplicity of repetition, maybe because I am so bad at doing the same thing twice....
It was so warm that cafes are starting to get their outdoor seating organised, this is Green Cafe on Marszałkowska, I am yet to coffee test there, but it is rather popular and has a great view of the Palace of Culture.
You know it is "THE" season, when all the big big sunnies come out. I was looking just the other day at all these people wearing sunglasses and as an already bespectaled, I am not sure if I envy sunglass wearers or not. In the old days when I did wear them, I know I was always dropping them, breaking them, losing them or just plain forgetting them. Anyway, the cool kids, especially the women in Warsaw, are right into them now.
As are these two on Marszałkowska as they power walk all the big brand shops
and this one on Świętokrzyska.
While Mr. Wieslaw conquers the world, apparently.
There were plenty of people out on Krakowskie Przedmieście, just soaking up the sun.
Skwer was heaving.
Whilst others perused the Easter market.
They sell Palms here that are blessed for Easter at the church directly behind or their own favourite family church.
It was a free for all, there were people buying these things, lord only knows why. Oh hang on, he probably does, too.
So I might as well finish again on what will probably be a recurring theme for a while in spring, yes, you are right. Women in beige.

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