Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So off to Ogrody

One of the places I teach is close to Mariensztat, an area that I could easiest describe as under Krakowskie Przedmiescie and the Royal Castle and squashed up against the Vistula. It is actually a really nice place to stroll about on a sunny afternoon or lunchtime as you get many students walking about being cool, grannies pottering about staring at strangers, lots of business people in fancy clothes and the old drunk lounging in the sun on a park bench. So it is the full gamut of Polish persons, great for sociologists and anthropologists. This area was actually the first to be rebuilt after WWII and was rebuilt mostly in the original style of buildings as well so it is a really great escape from the hustle and bustle of the more commercial areas just up the steep slope.
The statue of the female Market Trader

In Mariensztat there was originally a large food market on the square there, with current talk of bringing this back as well. On the square is Ogrody, a coffee shop and funky place. It is done up in that quasi industrial style that is ever popular these days.
Apparently the location also holds musical performances. So I stopped off with Marty and had a decent coffee, I wasn't really in the mood for cake at that point in time. Marty had a big cup of tea and then we were off again on our racing little legs.

Building decoration next to the square

Where were off to somewhere I had always seen, either when DJ PJ the Welsh Turntable Terrorist or the Father-in-Law drive me around, but I've never been to.
Arkady Kubickiego is right below the Royal Palace and looks out to the Vistula, on a lower level than the rest of the palace. It is a very beautifully finished location that reminds me a great deal of Filtry although is a great deal older. When you see the intricate domes constructed in brick, it does tend to make the rest of the square concrete and brick world seem a little bland in direct comparison. There is a restaurant in there should you feel peckish too, we felt more like sticky beaking though, yes we looked at anything and everything we could. It looks like a fabulous place for a product launch or even better a party.
There are some great little alcoves that would be perfect for some big lounges, if it was my place.
The View is also really pretty and spectacular especially on a sunny day.
There are some great round windows that look skywards in the walls
But I couldn't tell if the colour or black and white is better.
When you don't take your light reading from the sky you can actually see the little alcoves they sit in.
A lonely guards chair.
I really love the "squareness" of this. I don't even know if that is a word, but it sounds appropriate.
I love the details of the floor and the ceiling.
When you see the three guards having a chat, you get the feeling it is over kill for such an empty location.
There is something wrong with me. I like the little things. Screws and footprints.
Axe-tion.... ok that is a really bad pun, but I like the definite outline of the fence post tops.
The view across the river to Praga and the zoo.
A pathway to the spires of the Basilica of St. Michael over the river.
The spires as seen through the fence.
And an art installation that is in the garden
Finally as we strolled back up to Krakowskie Przedmiescie I saw this rather simple graffiti of sorts. I really thought it was quaint....

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