Thursday, April 14, 2011

With the sun come the grannies

One of the fantastic, or horrific things, if you look at it from some aspects, is the appearance of the granified, the granulated, the granular, the grandiose, and the all round granulicious. I believe they come from old granaries or maybe from Gran Canaria either way, they appear to be solar powered and, at least for the moment, are clad in coats. Later in the sun season, they are out there, skirts rolled up above their knobbly knees, their knee high stockings pushed to their ankles, and their shirt sleeves pushed up as high as possible exposing the turkey wings that winter hides. Yes, I am talking about one of my favourite things in Warsaw, the infamous Granny. Babcia, babunia, babula, babka or simply baba are what they Poles call them. They are the ones who limp onto buses only to run to a seat when they see it available. A possibly hypothetical situation: If you are seated on a busy and seatless tram reading your book on the history of the Thames, they will stand above you and cough, if that doesn't work they will hold the rail near your head whilst their plastic shopping bag tries to knock off your beautiful flat cap that you bought in Lisbon, as a possible example. Yes, they are indeed wild creatures.

Anyway, they are, as I previously mentioned, solar powered and now that the spring sun is poking its timid little head out, we are seeing a higher incedence of grannies roaming wild and free and claiming all south facing benches.
Grannies in their natural habits are known to eat fruit such as bananas.
Others like to use a walking stick like they are a 1990's hip hop singer as they wax lyrical.
Here is one in her natural environment absorbing the sun's energy to assist in her later endeavours, possibly grandpa hunting.
Here is one prowling looking for something, I am not sure what, possibly a banana.

A granny in training, notice the lace mane that is characteristic of a young granny at heart.
Here is a weary grandpa, notice he has mirrors on his bike to protect him from sneak rear attacks from a hungry granny.
A classical granny powering up. Possibly to attack the naive grandpa next to her. As you can see, he is not moving and probably already incapacitated.


Una Kaempt said...

Nawww. I <3 this post. I am a granny-in-training!

Gee Em said...

I think I like you then. As I am most certainly a grandpa in training. Luckily in Australia the sun is starting to hide more, so I shall be able to flee your grip :)

Kolin said...

Great granny photos.

Warsaw blog meeting coming up if you're interested. See you there?


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